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Gouri Homeo Healthway was established in 1993 at Hyderabad and works from three locations of Hyderabad i.e, Vikrampuri (Karkhana), Srinagar Colony and Kondapur while open to consultations online.The aim of these clinics is to restore the sick to health, rapidly albeit gently. Patient-First is the policy at our clinics. We look for the appropriate symptoms of the patient and give importance to pathological investigations while we arrive at the best possible combination of homoeopathic remedies. Read More........


About Dr. Venugopal Gouri


Gouri Homeo Healthway was established in 1993 by Dr.Venugopal Gouri who pursued his Bachelor's in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from HKES' Homoeopathic Medical College, Gulbarga, Karnataka and later completed Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Homoeopathy. His clinics are available from three locations of Hyderabad i.e at Vikrampuri (Karkhana), Srinagar Colony and Kondapur. He can also be consulted online. Read More........


Our Treatments


Why Homeopathy ?


If there is a simple, safe and swift path to recovery of health then it has to be homoeopathy. Founded more than two centuries ago by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician, pained with the therapy of the times was on search for an alternative and discored Homoeopathy.


Homo means similar, eo means symptoms and pathy means suffering. A German word when broken down suggests that when a crude substance produces a set of symptoms in a healthy human being is vitalized by potentization and is administered to a diseased individual with similar set of symptoms, the innate vital force of the human being wanting to get better is reinvigorated and the disease is cured. Homoeopathy has stood the test of time and with the advent of scientific progress in the study of the disease pathology it has become much easier and focussed to help the patient swiftly out of the illness.

Since homeopathy is refined and the dilutions today are much beyond the reach of conventional chemistry, the remedies aren gentle and they simply have no side effects. Since it is the innate vital force that makes all efforts to recover, the cure is rapid.


The pathological changes are helped by the body itself without any adverse reaction of the remedy, the cure is also long lasting. Homoeopathy cures a number of diseases, from cold to cancer and there is enough clinical evidence of those.


Homoeopathy does not come in the way of action of other medicines and can be used complementarily. There are also several occasions when a patient consults for a certain ailment but is not in a position to discontinue medicines they use for metabolic diseases like diabetes or hypertension. In such a scenario both medicines can go together and there are no adverse effects. There is a usual misconception that the medicines initially aggravate and then cure which is totally false and unfounded.